Interview with GTTC

Hey guys, welcome back to Learning The Bassics! I feel like I have a bit to catch you up on before we dive into the interview. So basically, I haven’t posted for so long because I went on vacation with my family to Destin, Florida for a week. The vacation was beautiful and I was going to resume posting after school started when I got back, but school still hasn’t started. So in case you don’t know, I’m actually a senior in high school. We were supposed to start online last Friday, but it just didn’t happen. The whole school went to a drive through orientation to pick up books and all, and we got a notification from the school Thursday night that pretty much said, “Just kidding, no school for you. Maybe next Friday!”

Anyways, with school hopefully finally starting at the end of the week, I do want to warn you that I might not be able to resume to my habit of posting daily. I will be posting at least twice a week until I can figure out my work load and see if it is possible for me to post more. So, my apologies for the lack of posting, but I have had a lot going on and I am doing my best! I do have an interview for you today though as well as tomorrow, and then on Thursday I am hoping to post “Repurposing Old Equiptment”, including details on some of the more outdated equiptment I use, how I make it work with my newer equiptment, and what I did to manage the jungle of chords under my desk (haha!). But, without further ado, I introduce to you, Jasten Treece, professionally known as GTTC.

Q: Hey GTTC! Where are you from? 

A: Hey! Nashville, TN

Q: When and how did your interest in music begin? 

A: It’s kind of funny actually, so back in 9th and 10th grade we used to have rap battles at school and I really liked it. I started thinking like, “what if I actually do this?” So I did, and I was loving the music scene, so I stuck with it.

Q: Is your experience with music hobby or career-based? 

A: Career based, although it really went from a hobby to a career.

Q: So what do you consider your title to be? 

A: As of right now I would say a producer, but I want to become more of an active rapper as well, and also an audio engineer.

Q: Super cool! How many years of experience do you have? 

A: One year of really focused experience I’d say.

Q: What are some of the biggest opportunities you’ve been presented with? 

A: So one of my beats made it onto the Jimmy Fallon show, and I have no idea how it happened, but it was awesome! I was also working behind the scenes on Oak’s recent album, “The Dreamer”, and collaborated with Generiic on the audio engineering.

Q: Who are some of your favorite artists? 

A: Well I listen to Uzi Vert a lot but I don’t really favor artists like I favor singles.

Q: Interesting, I’m actually the same way with the exception of a few artists who’s work I love all of! Who would you consider to be your best connection(s) in the industry? 

A: My best connections are honestly probably just a bunch of my producer friends and also Flight Crew which is my best connection.

Q: Do you have any music of your own you’d be willing to share with us?

A: Yeah! So here’s my first song on SoundCloud: . Also you can follow me on YouTube at gttcily.

Q: And what advice or words of wisdom do you have for my readers as well as myself?  

A: I guess to basically take your own advice and celebrate all of the little wins. Don’t try to become someone else such as an artist that you look up to, just try to become inspired and learn from their work instead, cuz there’s a difference. Find your own voice. Making good music that you’re happy with is like putting together a puzzle, and you can’t put a puzzle together without the pieces. You have to be patient with yourself and realize that it doesn’t matter how fast you put the puzzle together, as much as how you do it and what you learn while collecting the pieces, if that makes any sense.

Q: Wow, what awesome and unique advice! Have you had any major mistakes so far?

A: Well everything happens for a reason, but I am always asking myself if I’m doing the most proactive thing for myself in the moment. I have messed up in the past by not being myself for sure, and learned early on that when you chase someone else’s dreams you either become them or fall off your own path.

Q: Yeah I think “being yourself” is the answer that most of my connections have given me, so it’s definitely advice I will try my very best to live by! Who would you consider as your mentor(s) in the industry, possibly in addition to some of your connections?

A: Again, mainly all of my friends who are into music and who keep me on track. Friends like Noah and Generiic and some others. They keep me inspired and in line so I kind of have the best of both worlds. It’s so easy to be surrounded by the wrong energy in this industry, so I’m very lucky to be where I am and with the people I’m with.

Q: That’s so beautiful! I feel like at this age, Nashville really is the place to get started. It feels like it’s fairly easy to succeed in this city if you’re really passionate, open minded, enough. Do you have any additional interesting and maybe even unrelated facts about that you would like to share?

A: Sure- (1.) I like to do photography sometimes and I also (2.) love cars.

Cool! Thank you so much GTTC!

Guys, make sure you go follow him @gttcily on Instagram and check out some of his sick beats. I also must note that his music videos are really cool and entertaining. This interview unlike most others I conducted over the phone, so I might not have been fast enough to catch every word, but trust me when I say that GTTC is an incredibly talented and inspired young individual. It’s been such an honor and a great learning experience for me personally to conduct these interviews with him and his friends and hear the differences in their stories and also how they intertwine. I absolutely love their album, “The Dreamer”, and maybe if I’m lucky enough to get Oak to do an interview, I can get them all to comment on what it was like to produce this album together!

Thanks for reading, talk to you guys later. 🙂

Author: Madison Palmer

According to my little siblings, I'm an adult "sorta". Just 17 with big dreams and an open mind. I've been through a lot but paradise is right around the corner. I am an entrepreneur, singer/songwriter, poet, writer, and aspiring music producer.

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