Interview with Philip Mortlock

Welcome back all! I come to you with today’s second interview, one with top-level industry professional, Philip Mortlock.

Q: Hi Philip! Where are you from? 

A: Sydney, Australia.

Q: When did your interest in music begin? 

A: When I was about 6 or 7.

Q: And is your experience with music hobby or career-based? 

A: Started out as a hobby, ended up a long and winding career.

Q: Yeah that seems to be the popular answer and I find that truly inspiring! So what is your title?

A: I’ve had many but I refer to myself as a creative director.

Q: Interesting, and how many years of experience do you have total? 

A: Forty plus years

Q: What are some of the biggest opportunities you’ve been presented with? 

A: Working within a major record company (Warner Music Australia) as a creative conduit between the artists and repertoire and the business. Later establishing an independent music business (ORiGiN Music) and developing a roster of artists and repertoire I personally like.

Q: That is so cool! Who are some of your favorite artists? 

A: Too many to mention but I’m thoroughly enjoying working with current ORiGiN artists Megan Washington, Loir, Cookin’ On 3 Burners, Andy Ross, Gotye, The Basics, Lucy Parle and Melanie Horsnell (to name a few).

Q: Who would you consider to be your best connection(s) in the industry? 

A: The artists I have (and currently) worked with.

Q: Do you have any music of your own you’d be willing to share with us?

A: I dabbled as a teenager but then decided I was best serving a purpose in other creative ways. My entry into the ‘business’ was as a graphic artist and photographer. I wanted to do the record covers.

Q: Very cool. Do you have any advice or words of wisdom for my readers as well as myself?  

A: Trust your instincts. Don’t follow trends. Make your own kind of music and explore & enjoy collaboration.

Q: What have been some of your biggest mistakes so far?

A: Being overly concerned about what others might think. Not being true to oneself.

Q: Who would you consider as your mentor(s) in the industry?

A: Sadly people who did mentor me are no longer alive or active in the business. Even though I am not young I still feel inspired and committed to continue what I’m doing. I believe experience and commitment are things to value and share so long as you’re passionate and healthy enough to keep doing it.

Q: That is probably the most inspiring thing I’ve heard so far! I also usually ask for three interesting and unrelated facts, do you have any you’d be willing to share? 

A: Hmm. Mentioned already that I started in the business as a graphic artist and photographer.; Still doing a lot of that as well as dabbling in painting and collages. I am also enjoying ‘mentoring’ my sons with their creative ambitions. They each have great interest in the visual arts as well as music. It is a joy top share and help develop their career aspirations.

Q: That’s incredible! Do you have anything else would you like to share? 

A: The career I’ve had has gone through many phases. The overarching connection for me has always been about people. Connecting with, maintaining  and having meaningful communication with people. Put simply ‘it’s a people business”. If you want people to listen to you also have to listen to people. It’s a two way street.

I love that. Thank you so much for sharing your responses with us! I think there’s a lot to take away from this and as a young learning like many of my readers, I really appreciate it.

And thanks to everyone reading this post! I will be back tomorrow with a post about what music and artists I favor as well as an unscheduled post with young producer, rapper, and beat maker, GTTC.

Author: Madison Palmer

According to my little siblings, I'm an adult "sorta". Just 17 with big dreams and an open mind. I've been through a lot but paradise is right around the corner. I am an entrepreneur, singer/songwriter, poet, writer, and aspiring music producer.

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