Interview with Paul Gilbert

Good morning! Today I am sharing with you an interview that I conducted with my dad, Paul Gilbert. He is actually a very experienced industry professional and literal boomer whose stories I’ve heard many of. I have him to thank for my deep passion for music, and arguably my love for writing as well. He has taught me to appreciate and understand older music, something I think is rare among many kids and teens in this generation. So without further ado, I give you Paul Gilbert.

Q: Where are you from? 

A: The Big Apple

Q: When and how did your interest in music begin? 

A: It probably started when I was 4 or 5 years old watching the Ed Sullivan show in the family den. Yes, I was allowed to say up ‘till 9pm on Sunday night. But it probably really took hold a few years later with the start of the 60’s rock era. Sitting on the floor in front of a Victrola spinning 45’s that I had bought at the local record store. This list is too long but to name a few: Beach Boys, Beatles, Booker T and the MG’s, The Temptations, Mothers of Invention, Buffalo Springfield, The Yardbirds, The Doors (my personal fav.), Quick Silver and the Messenger Service, and so on, the list is endless. But each and every song I heard moved me… And then 1969 – Woodstock. The deal was sealed. Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll would be my life. You might need to edit that last line. 

Q: Nope. Is your experience with music hobby or career-based? 

A: I have a 40 plus year career.

Q: Rimey. So what is your title?  

A: I’m a Business Affairs manager and mentor.

Q: And what are some of the biggest opportunities you’ve been presented with? 

A: Making the transition from working for the “man” to working for myself.

Q: Yeah that is really cool. Who are some of your favorite artists? 

A: Too many to name. I have no limits and love to be exposed to any and all. Of course singer/songwriters always have a special place in my heart but bands have always and will always be important.

Q: Who would you consider to be your best connection(s) in the industry? 

A: So many important connections but I have always believed that this life and our industry is about relationships. Say what you mean, keep your promise and HEAR what others say…be a good LISETNER.

Q: What advice or words of wisdom do you have for my readers as well as myself?  

A: Keep it real, be passionate and care for everyone around you. And collaboration will always lead to the best results.

Q: What have been some of your biggest mistakes so far?

A: It involved a voice message that was left when I thought the call had ended…really funny but ended up OK. But really there are no mistakes…only new challenges.

Q: Haha I’ve heard that story before. Who would you consider as your mentor(s) in the industry?

A: I have learned something from each and every person I have met around the world.

Q: I love that! What are three interesting and unrelated facts about yourself? 


  1. Goldie Hawn was part of the dance troupe that performed at my Bar Mitzvah. Thank you Mom and Dad!
  2. I flew on the Concorde.
  3. I spent a week on a Caribbean island with Paul McCartney and Keith Richards. As your generation would say…LITERALLY.

Lol! Thank you so much for your responses!

Anyways, a big thank you to all of my readers. You guys have been awesome in these starting days of Learning The Bassics, and the number of views I’ve been getting are truly inspiring. I just want to give you a quick reminder to subscribe if you like what you see here and haven’t already. You can do so by entering your email and clicking the “Subscribe” button below.

Also stay tuned for another surprise interview coming later on today. It is with one of THE BEST people in the industry, and I am so very excited for you to read it.

Peace out for now!

Author: Madison Palmer

According to my little siblings, I'm an adult "sorta". Just 17 with big dreams and an open mind. I've been through a lot but paradise is right around the corner. I am an entrepreneur, singer/songwriter, poet, writer, and aspiring music producer.

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