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Hey there, welcome to Learning The Bassics, where together we begin to understand the basics of music production, songwriting, recording, music theory, piano, guitar, and more. My name is Maddie, and this site is a live documentation of my day-to-day self provided education in the making of music. I am a high school senior with many hobbies, but when it comes down to it, music and writing are my passions. So, why not combine the two? Here I will provide lesson plans I’ve created for myself, video demonstrations, step-by-step tutorials, my inspiration for projects in the works, detailed accounts of all my successes and failures, featured music from young artists, interviews with professionals, and so much more. Learning music shouldn’t be expensive, because learning music is a right. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it.


Self-teaching piano and guitar. What other instruments should I learn?


Learn the process of writing lyrics, sheet music, melodies, poetry, and more. What’s a good topic for my next song?


Learning the basics of music production software, the process of recording vocals and instruments, how to use and edit loops, mixing, etc. Are you an experienced producer? What are your biggest tips?


It’s never too late to start connecting with your inner musician.

A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is a reality.

John Lennon

I never thought to make music before, because I never thought I’d be good enough. But we don’t do things just because we’re good at them, we do them because they feed our soul. I thought I was a writer and then I picked up a guitar. I played a chord and it sounded horrible, but I could feel in my heart that the long path of learning would be worth the many steps and stumbles. I’m not just a writer, something deep down inside tells me I am more. But it doesn’t matter what you are, what matters is what you want to be. Practice is only one half of achieving perfection. The other half is passion.

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Learning The Bassics is a blog providing a new kind of education, one that is made not for you but with you.

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